Our Products


Leyland Cypress - container grown
Fraser Fir - pre-cut - 5 ft. to 12ft. - our Fraser Firs are freshly cut and shipped immediately to us
Elderica Pine - cut your own
Handmade wreaths
Locally hand-crafted items, decorations, jams and jellies
Family memories

A few samples of our products.  We have many, many more in our gift shop.  

Boot Ornaments
Wooden Ornaments

Personalizable Ornaments

**We have a fire pit and picnic tables, so bring your lunch and enjoy the day at the farm.**

We will open Friday, November 26th at 10:00am. 

Friday and Saturday: 10:00AM - Sundown
Sunday: 1:00PM - Sundown

We open later on Sundays to allow you the opportunity to attend church with your family.